Soluble Salt Testing & Removal

Soluble salts, like chlorides, sulfates and nitrates are found on surfaces everywhere – in marine environments or as residue left by chemical compounds, like de-icing salts or industrial emissions. These soluble salts pull moisture from the air, causing protective coatings to fail. They can also cause degradation of the substrate, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, concrete, foam, plastics and others. Left unchecked, the salt contamination corrodes (rusts) into deep pockets in the substrate, making decontamination more difficult. 

Testing for and removal of soluble salts from surfaces prior to applying a protective coating is critical to proper surface preparation. Shaw Resources is able to offer a full line of CHLOR*RID soluble salt testing and removal products. They are the easiest, safest and most economical method available on the market.

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