See Our Work

  1. Glen Arbour Golf Course
    Materials used: top dressing, USGA
  2. SandJam (Premier Professional Beach Volleyball Competition)
    Material used: USGA sand
  3. Confederation Bridge
    Materials used: Fly ash
  4. Memorial restoration of Sir John Thompson (former Prime Minister of Canada)
    Materials used: White deco stone
  5. Cole Harbour All-weather Turf Field
    Materials used: In-fill sand
  6. Halifax Regional Port Authority
    Materials used: Airport De-icing Sand
  7. Green Roof System for Vitaroofs International Inc
    Materials used: Concrete sand, brick chip fines, USGA
  8. Nova Centre
    Materials used: Concrete sand, fly ash
  9. Cape Breton University Domestic Heat
    Materials used: Eastern Embers Wood Pellets