Does Beach Sand Really Come from the Beach?

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Beach Sand does not always come from the beach! In fact, Beach Sand as a consumer product should never come from the beach, because sand removal from public shorelines is largely illegal.

Sand develops naturally along the ocean or lakeshores by the erosion and deposition of local rocks, minerals, and biological materials over a long period of time. This means that sand is considered a non-renewable resource and that the sand at every beach in the world is unique!

Many of us associate the beach with feelings of warmth, relaxation, joy, and peacefulness. So how can we recreate those positive vacation vibes in our personal outdoor spaces (and maybe even our indoor spaces during these times of physical distancing), if we can’t take a truck-load of it from the beach?

You can start by finding a reputable aggregate provider, such as Shaw Resources.

Shaw Resources Beach Sand does not refer to the location it was sourced, but to its look and feel. The raw material is extracted from an inland deposit of natural sand that is over 100 million years old, far away from the recreational beaches of today. The material is then washed and screened into various gradations of aggregate products. One of these products is reserved for commercial Beach Sand, and is then piled-up and dried in the open air to simulate those pleasurable properties of a natural sandy shore-line.

See below for six easy and inspiring ideas for how to use commercial beach sand to make your backyard space the ultimate vacation destination:

1. Gathering Space:

Who doesn’t like the feeling of sand between their toes? Beach Sand can be used in various spaces to gather around your home. Check out this modern interior courtyard that’s filled with white sand.

2. Zen Garden:

Cultivate mindfulness with a white sand zen garden. Create your own relaxing outdoor space that brings on feelings of peace and serenity with help from these tips and inspirational examples.

3. Sand Box:

Children benefit from sensory play and outdoor recreation, which means sandboxes are an excellent addition to the family backyard. Click here for additional benefits of play sand.

beach sand sandbox

4. Beach Volleyball Court:

Playing in the sand isn’t limited to children! Refer to this DIY page for tips on creating your own low maintenance, backyard beach volleyball court.

5. Putting Green:

Practice makes perfect! Having your own golf course could really improve your handicap – especially when it comes to chipping. We are loving some of these unique backyard golf course installations, complete with sand traps!

6. Pool-side Paradise:

Relax in your own tropical paradise with a beach in your backyard. Check out these examples of beach-entry pools to help recreate your favourite sun destination

In summary, sand from public beaches should not be used for landscaping purposes or removed from the beach at all. Instead, find retailers who offer clean, beach-quality sand as a by-product of other aggregates that have been extracted from permitted areas. This way you are protecting recreational beaches and supporting reputable aggregate suppliers, all while enjoying an amazing staycation in your own back-yard!

For quotes on commercial beach sand and all of your other landscaping needs, you can request a quote and one of our friendly staff will be in touch.