Five Benefits of Premium White Play Sand

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Are you looking for ideas for a fun, inexpensive children’s activity?  Maybe something that doesn’t require a whole lot of preparation each time? There’s nothing quite like good, clean and safe fun. Here are five benefits of premium white play sand:

  1. Imagination
  2. Sensory Play
  3. Good for All Types of Play
  4. Versatility
  5. Easy to Purchase

1. Let Imaginations Run Wild

If you’ve ever taken a trip to the beach, no doubt you’ve seen lots of sand castles and sand sculptures. This type of fun and creativity does not need to be limited to days spent at the beach. Having a sandbox at home means children and adults alike can let their imagination free.

It’s more than just sand castles and sand sculptures. The possibilities and memories that can be made from play sand are only limited to your imagination.

2. Sensory Play

A great addition to any sensory play is premium white play sand. Not only will children enjoy the texture of sand, but it also nurtures fine motor, gross motor and cognitive skills.

child playing with white play sand

Here are a few ways to make the most out of sensory play with premium white play sand:

  • Add simple toys to the sand area – buckets, trucks… anything will do, but toys should be age appropriate
  • Have a water area nearby to make the sand more mouldable
  • Use sticks or straws as a pen to “write” in the sand

3. Good for Social and Independent Play

From a social perspective, spending time with other children in the sandbox encourages learning, sharing, exploring and problem solving together. Children can sift through the sand, share toys, communicate and create their masterpieces as part of a team. Smaller children can also learn from watching older children maneuver premium white play sand.

It’s also a great activity for independent play as it captures the attention of children, and allows them to learn and create all on their own.

4. Endless Options

Indoors, outdoors, sandbox, sand table, a soft cushion for a play area, art project at home, daycare or school… there are so many ways to incorporate premium white play sand into play. You might even want to consider your very own golf bunker!

If you’re looking to build an outdoor sandbox for your child, check out how to build a covered sandbox from the DIY Network. A friendly reminder that sandboxes should always be covered when they’re not in use… cats like to use sandboxes too!

5. Easy to Purchase

Premium white play sand is available to purchase in 20 kg bags. This convenient bag size can easily be thrown in the back of your vehicle without making a mess.

Shaw White Play Sand 20 kg

In Ontario and Quebec, Shaw premium white play sand can be purchased through select Home Hardware locations (Item # 2622-000).

In Atlantic Canada, it can be purchased at Kent Building Supplies, as well as select Home Hardware, RONA, Castle and Timbermart locations.

If you’re interested in buying in bulk for a bigger project, it’s easy to request a quote from Shaw Resources directly on the website.