How Blastrite® Works for the Golf Industry

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Shaw Resources is a major supplier of blasting abrasives and specialty aggregates in Atlantic Canada. With experts in geology, engineering and material sourcing, we have been providing quality products to the golf industry such as Field Turf Infill Sand, Premium Bunker Sand and Top Dressing for over 30 years.

What is Blastrite®?

Blastrite® Platinum Grit, also commonly referred to as “black sand,” is unique to North America.  It has sharp angular particles, is black in colour and resistant to fracturing on impact.


What are the benefits to the golf industry?

Blastrite® has been found to be an ideal product for winter maintenance applications on golf courses. During the winter months as ice forms on the greens and tees, simply apply the Blastrite® product and its jet black colour will help melt the ice. Successful results indicate reduced occurrences for replanting turf in the spring from ice damage to the soil, keeping your grass healthy, reducing maintenance time, and allowing for an earlier start to the golf season.

The below photo shows a space after Blastrite® was applied to an icy area.

blastrite for the golf industry 2

Will t
his harm greens and tees?

Blastrite® product is environmentally friendly. After extensive testing, results indicate this product meets all of the Department of Environment requirements for toxicity confirming it is non-hazardous to the environment. It will not harm greens and tees on golf courses.

Want to know more?

Please call us for your ice melting needs, packaged in bulk or small tote bags. Contact Steve or Nick Boyd at Boydco Golf & Turf – (506) 962-8873 or or