Blastrite Platinum Grit


Blastrite® Platinum Grit is a specially selected and graded platinum slag with sharp angular particles. The material is black in colour and resistant to fracturing upon impact.

This product is used where expendable abrasives are required for the following purposes: on-site abrasive blasting in shipyards, steel construction, oil refineries, power stations, or any blasting yard designed for diverse and flexible applications.


  • Hardness > 6 Moh scale (Section 4.1.2 of SSPC- AB1)
  • Specific gravity Ave. 2.7 (ASTM C128-15)
  • Bulk density ≈ 1.39 kg/m³
  • Free silica Not detectable
  • Conductivity <250 μS/cm (ISO 11127-6)
  • Moisture content <0.05% (ASTM C566-13)
  • Oil content None (ASTM D7393-16)
  • Shape Angular
  • Requires dry storage

Material Safety Data Sheets