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Septic Sand & Stone

Product Specifications

Shaw Resources has developed a reputation for high quality sands and stones for on-site sewage disposal systems. Products available from the Nova Scotia Sand & Gravel and Keddy Aggregate operations include:

1. Imported Sand Fill (2 - 30min)

Screened 12.5mm or smaller, this sand is blended to meet regional Department of Environment standards, with production parameters of 5.5x10(-4) m/sec to 2.8x10(-5) m/sec (2 to 30 minutes) using the Nova Scotia Department of Environment Simplified Falling-Head Permeability Test. Production and shipping tests for this material are conducted on an ongoing basis to ensure failure-free performance.

Products available from the Keddy Aggregate operation only:

2. Septic Stone

Double-washed natural stone, Shaw's septic stone is screened 1/2" and 1" and meets or exceeds Nova Scotia Department of Environment Specifications.

Material Safety Data Sheet

MSDS - Septic Sands.pdf