Silica Sand

Shaw Silica Sand No-1 40 kg


Tightly graded, low-dust silica is the sand of choice for sandblasters in Atlantic Canada. Silica abrasive material is available in a variety of sizes suitable for all applications and equipment. Product can be treated to significantly reduce dust levels.


#00 – minus 40 mesh (US Standard) — minus – 0.425 millimetres
#0 – 20-40 mesh (US Standard) – 0.85- 0.425 millimetres
#1 – 12-30 mesh (US Standard) – 1.7- 0.6 millimetres
#2 – 8-16 mesh (US Standard) – 2.36- 1.18 millimetres


Customers are able to purchase Shaw's silica in bags, bulk, or in bulk bags, delivered by flat bed truck, trailer or pneumatic tanker.
Our technical sales consultants provide project estimates and help customers achieve the best performance with their blasting equipment. We also troubleshoot problems, and advise on equipment purchases, selection of abrasives, and wet-blast techniques. Silica products have low chloride content, low conductivity, a neutral pH and chemically inert.


Used for economical sandblasting of ships, bridges, concrete, storage tanks, structural steel, castings and auto bodies


Bulk, 40KG, 25KG, Bulk Bags

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