GMA Garnet

GMA Garnet


GMA Garnet™ abrasive is composed of natural Almandine garnet grains that are known for their natural hardness, durability, and abrasive characteristics. It is a cost-effective alternative to other abrasives including mineral slags and steel grits and shot as its hardness & durability creates the optimum abrasive efficiency – lowest abrasive consumption (kg/m2) at the highest production rates (m2/hr).


GMA Garnet is also a leader for waterjet cutting. We offer a choice of grades to optimize your cutting requirements.
GMA Garnet™ 80 Mesh: The most popular waterjet cutting abrasive grade used worldwide delivers the optimum balance of cutting speed and precision edge.
GMA Garnet™ 50 or 60 Mesh: Suitable for high speed waterjet cutting. In some cases, it can deliver up to a 30% increase in cutting speed at reduced precision edge.
GMA Garnet™ 120 Mesh: For high precision and minimum tolerance edge cutting requirements.


GMA Garnet™ can be recycled up to 5 – 10 times (depending on the application) due to its superior toughness and low friability. Being environmentally inert, GMA Garnet™ meets all Occupational Health and Safety requirements and achieves the highest quality of processing standards in respect of mineral purity and the stringent requirements of ISO 11126-10:2000 for chloride and free silica content.


GMA Garnet™ is used as a blast cleaning abrasive in various industries around the world and is approved by major oil companies, shipyards and major paint manufacturers. It is suitable for all areas of surface preparation especially stainless steel, anti-magnetic steel and all specialty alloys as it is free of metallic iron.


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