CHLOR*RID Soluble Salt Remover


Soluble salts are found on surfaces everywhere. These soluble salts draw moisture through protective coatings, causing them to blister and fail. CHLOR*RID removes chlorides, sulfates, nitrates and other soluble salt contaminants in a simple dilution with potable water. It’s biodegradable, non-flammable and contains no volatile organic compounds.

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- Compatible with all coatings
- Does not interfere with the adhesion of protective coatings
- Does not leave a film or residue after use
- Easy to use
- Requires no special certifications for use
- Internationally recognized as the easiest and most economical way to remove soluble salt contaminants with any method: vapor/mist blasting, high pressure washing and wet abrasive blasting


Recommended for use on the following:
- Bridge structures
- Mining facilities
- Public Utilities
- Agricultural Equipment
- Truck Fleets
- Process Equipment
- Ships
- Storage tanks
- Much more

Material Safety Data Sheets