Why Softwood Pellets are the Preferred Choice

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People naturally think that since hardwood firewood has a higher BTU and burns longer in a wood stove, it must also be the same with pellets. However, the differences between hardwood versus softwood pellets are not the same as they are with firewood.

Why softwood pellets over hardwood pellets?

Hardwood logs are usually denser than softwood logs, although when softwood and hardwood is made into a pellet, the wood fibre gets compressed to where there isn’t much difference in density between the two.

Softwood pellets actually rate at about 10-15% higher in BTU (more heat) than hardwood pellets. This is because softwood contains resins that have a higher heat value than hardwood fibre.

Softwood pellets generally have a lower percentage of ash (by weight) than hardwood pellets. This means there is less ash content in the tray/pan, therefore the stove does not have to be cleaned as often. Softwood pellets also generate less harmful airborne particulate emissions making them much better for the environment.

Facts about Softwood Pellets

  • They burn cleaner and hotter, and throw a more consistent heat¹
  • Softwood and hardwood pellets have the same density and weigh the same²
  • Softwood pellets, made by Eastern Embers, have no bark and are 100% white wood
  • They consistently outperforms hardwood pellets due to the sap content¹
  • They contain more resins that have higher heat value than wood fiber²
  • They ignite faster than hardwood pellets¹
  • They are better when it comes to price per BTU¹

*Sources: ¹ woodpellets.com; ² firewoodresource.com

Eastern Embers Wood Pellets

Eastern Embers Wood Pellets consistency and high quality are made possible by the extraordinary wood fibre derived from our local species of spruce. Eastern Embers are made primarily from spruce, which is sourced from a select number of sawmills in the Maritimes. The high sap content of the spruce fibre translates into a higher BTU value and low levels of residual ash.

Eastern Embers Wood Pellets have been awarded the world-leading ENplus® certification standard—a quality seal ensuring that customers are buying the best quality wood pellets on the market.

If you would like to learn more about wood pellet heat and how to get started, get started here.