Shaw Water Jet Garnet




Shaw Water Jet Garnet abrasive combines excellent cutting performance with outstanding economy and provides for solid cutting with a high quality finish.

  • Low Dust minimizing cleaning effort for sandblasting, as well as pollution reduction
  • Excellent Surface Quality
  • Recyclable – can be used up to three times
  • Lower production cost

Shaw Water Jet Garnet media can be used in all types of water-jet cutting machines.

  • Available in sizes: 80; other sizes available upon request
  • Allows uninterrupted production without downtime for optimum efficiency and low production costs
  • Provides the perfect balance between cutting speed and edge quality

Other applications include: Surface preparation, Filter medium (chemical, petroleum, water treatment), and Wear-resistant materials (traction and anti-slip applications)





Shaw Water Jet Garnet is available in 25kg bags, 40 bags per pallet.

Material Safety Data Sheets