Hornet Abrasive

Shaw Hornet Abrasives


Hornet Abrasive™ is a natural, chemically inert mineral blend, which fractures into angular, sharp, irregular pieces when under stress. The chemical composition of Hornet Abrasive™ varies, resulting in a range of hardness between 6.0 and 8.5 on the Mohs scale, where diamonds, the hardest known natural material, are a 10.


The irregular shape and hardness of Hornet Abrasive™ makes it an optimum product for use in the abrasives industry.


Benefits of Hornet Abrasive
 Economical
 Safe
 High productivity
 Clean, washed and uniform size
 Low chloride content
 Low dust, resulting in improved operator visibility
 Controlled even-blast profile, thereby reducing the number of required coatings
 Low consumption
 Non-ferrous


Abrasive blasting, vapor or wet blasting and water filtration


Bulk, 50LB Bag

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