Bulk Wood Pellets

Shaw Bulk Wood Pellets


Commercial-grade wood pellets manufactured primarily from spruce sawdust, sourced in the Maritimes. Contamination-free handling and a strict quality control program ensure subsequent ash levels are minimized. Our bulk wood pellets adhere to the premium grade ENPlus A1 standard set by the European Wood Pellet Council. ENplus is the new benchmark for the consumers and the operation of their boilers and stoves.

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The European certification ENplus for wood pellets was adopted in Canada in 2013 under the acronym CANplus. The ENplus and CANplus quality seals account for the whole wood pellet supply chain, from production to delivery to the final customer, to ensure high quality. Both ENplus and CANplus certifications define wood pellet quality classes following the ISO 17225 and is recognized in Canada, the United States and Europe.

Peace of Mind – Reduce Emissions – Lower Maintenance Costs

Eastern Embers wood pellets must meet a variety of specifications based on the most stringent of technical requirements. The ENplus supply chain is controlled entirely by independent organizations, from certification to testing bodies; third-party audits ensures complete independence across the entire process. Using high quality pellets not only lowers your maintenance costs but it also helps to lower air emissions; ensuring we work towards building a more efficient and greener future.

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